What is p.i.a.?

Public Inebriate Alternative (PIA) is a program of the OKC Police Department, managed by OKC Metro Alliance, Inc. PIA provides a 24/7 alternative to jail and court system for adults who have been detained for public intoxication. PIA individuals are not under arrest or charged with any other crime. They must voluntarily accept PIA admission. During the ten (10) hour stay PIA individuals receive meals, access to showers, a safe place to sleep, referrals for substance abuse services and transportation home.

Admissions this year
Monthly admission average
Number of food baskets given to released detainees

benefiting okc

  • PIA detainees avoid court costs, fees, fines, and charges
  • Approximately $37,730 is saved of tax payer money per month (costs are avoided for jail, court services, and officer time).
  • Police officers can address needs of intoxicated citizens quickly and focus their time on addressing other issues.

hope continues

Marty has been a detention monitor in PIA (Public Inebriate Alternative) since 2018. Before coming on as a part-time staff at PIA, Marty had pending DUI charges, a suspended driver’s license, he was facing jail time, and he was involved with Drug Court. When applying for employment with the OKC Metro Alliance, Marty was concerned that his DUI charge would disqualify him. Since OKC Metro Alliance believes in helping individuals rebuild their lives, this opened the door for Marty to join our team. Marty is currently a full-time Detention Monitor, has (3) years of service with the agency, and he has successfully completed Drug Court. Marty is a valued co-worker and a powerful example of recovery and hope.

Open positions

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Detention Monitor (Part time) two positions open