50 years of recovery!


Thursday, October 19, 2023

11:30 – 1PM

St. Luke’s Methodist Church

222 NW 15th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73013

Mark your calendar! Celebrate 50 years of recovery with us at Beans & Cornbread.

I know you're excited, but registration is not open quite yet. check back later!

why beans & cornbread? a short history

The OKC Metro Alliance, Inc. was founded in 1973 to administer the Public Inebriate Alternative (PIA) sobering center in downtown Oklahoma City. Persons brought into PIA have a 10 hour detention period where they are fed a hearty meal of beans and cornbread and provided a safe and clean place to “sleep it off”. Beans and cornbread has remained a staple of OKC Metro Alliance since its founding as we continue to serve meals to people during their stay and in a to-go bag to individuals that may not be able to get another meal elsewhere. It’s a warm, hearty, comforting, homecooked meal that provides not only nutritious necessities, but also a sense of comfort and stability.

Naturally, Beans & Cornbread was a fitting name for the OKCMA annual fundraiser. The luncheon aims to build community among our supporters, bring awareness to our mission of impacting the community, share stories of strength, and to of course have a meal that has long been a staple of Oklahoman cuisine.

Past keynote speaker

Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson

Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson was a first-round draft pick linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. He is regarded as one of the best linebackers in NFL history, playing in Super Bowls and becoming a Pro Bowl player. However, his partying lifestyle and drug addiction soon brought him down, leading to incarceration. He lost it all—his job, family, and friends. Somewhere along the way, he even lost himself.

Fortunately, in 1983, Thomas’ life began to slowly change. He established a new way of living with the help of therapy and 12-step recovery programs. Today, he travels the world sharing his story of recovery. Thomas has devoted his new life to prevention, recovery, and sobriety. Thomas has made major educational impacts in communities, children’s lives, prisons, and much more. His goal is to share his story of hope, courage and change while letting people know that recovery is possible.

photos from beans & Cornbread 2022

thank you to our sponsors

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photos from beans & Cornbread 2021


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