PIA is an Oklahoma City Police Department program that provides an alternative to jail and court system for adults who have been detained for public intoxication but who are not committing any other crime. OKC Metro Alliance manages this program in collaboration with the OKC Police Department.  At the discretion of the detaining police officer, persons can be brought to PIA for a ten (10) hour detention period. During the ten hour detention, individuals are provided food and are able to “sleep it off” in a clean safe environment. After the ten hour detention, the individual is released without criminal charges, court dates or a record of arrest.

There are numerous benefits to the community and the individuals served.

  •  It saves time.  Police officers can address needs of intoxicated citizens quickly and focus their time on addressing other issues.
  • It saves taxpayer dollars. The PIA reduces the number of people at the jail and is offered at a lower cost.
  • It saves costs to the individuals.  For the individuals who enter the PIA, they can avoid court costs, fines, and criminal prosecution for public intoxication.

(From left to right) Oklahoma City Chief of Police, Bill Citty, Connie Schlittler, Executive Director OKC Metro Alliance, GT Bynum, Mayor of Tulsa, Karen Gilbert, Tulsa City Council, Deputy Chief Jonathan Brooks from Tulsa Police Department, and Suzanne Graham, OKC Metro Alliance.